Louis supports all paths to universal coverage of all Californians. This includes a public option and single-payer. Louis is a beneficiary of Covered CA. Louis also believes we should:

  • Support reproductive justice. We must ensure universal no-barrier access to full reproductive healthcare for all women and trans people––including guaranteeing bodily autonomy and the right to abortion services––and reduce infant and maternal mortality rates among people of color. Black mothers are six times more likely than white mothers to die in the year following childbirth. CA has a higher Black maternal mortality than the nation as a whole, and the situation has worsened in recent years. We need to reverse that trend. 

Louis hopes recently passed laws that expand access to and increase the number of culturally competent midwives will help. He will support expansions of such efforts. He will also explore ways of increasing prenatal care in underserved communities—which correlates with better maternal and infant birth outcomes—and for people on Medi-Cal.

  • Extend CA’s paid family leave policy to 12 weeks and raising the minimum weekly payout from $50 to a living wage.

  • Extend automatic Medi-Cal coverage to all unhoused Californians.