How did your districts change?

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Every 10 years we count all of our neighbors in the decennial census. The results are used to redraw legislative boundaries from Capitol Hill down to our most local levels of city government. The goal is to rebalance the number of residents in each district to maintain proportional representation.

How districts are drawn and which communities are divided or combined has a profound effect on your representation at all levels of government. In 2008, California voters passed the Voters First Act (Prop 11) which established an independent redistricting commission which draws our state level districts.

We show your state legislature and congressional district maps for all of California. For Los Angeles County residents, we will also show your county Supervisorial district, your Los Angeles City Council and Los Angeles Neighborhood Council districts if applicable.

The definitive source of which offices will be on your ballot will be the sample ballot mailed out to all Los Angeles County voters in April.

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