We face enormous challenges. To overcome them, we need leaders who don’t just believe in science, but understand it. Who don’t just talk about lowering rents, but pay rent. Who don’t just know there’s a homelessness crisis, but know the names of unhoused people. Who don’t just say “this is broken,” but have a vision for how to fix it.

I’m a scientist, an organizer, and a renter. I didn’t come to California to be a politician. I came to become a professor of astrophysics. I spent a dozen years thinking about cosmic problems, but I decided to enter public life because my community showed me that its problems were more pressing—and that my skills could help. 

I’ve helped mothers with three-month-old babies, honorably discharged veterans, and seniors with broken bones get off the street. None of those stories has a place in California, but they are all true. To make it otherwise, we must change who we send to Sacramento.

I’m different from the legislators who created the status quo. Now, when the status quo isn’t working, I think different is what we—all of us—need. 

Join me in saying “yes” to change, “yes” to progress, and “yes” to an affordable, sustainable, and safe California.

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The 51st Assembly District (AD51) is currently represented by Assemblymember Richard Bloom, who is retiring. The district stretches from Santa Monica to Griffith Park and contains all of the cities of Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, and large portions of Los Angeles. Some of the richest people in America live here next to some of the poorest. At last count, roughly 3000 of our neighbors were living on the streets. More than 4 out of 5 people who work in AD51 commute from outside of it because they cannot afford the astronomical cost of housing. Providing housing near jobs and along transit corridors will lessen traffic, reduce air pollution, and improve all our communities.

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